All maps highlighted in red are banned.
You can make a banned map playable if both sides agree to it specifically in rules.

BT_Japanese Embassy  BT_Cruise Ship BT_African Village
BT_Thai Hospital BT_Train Station BT_Airport
BT_Hotel BT_Convention Center BT_JC
Bunkers CO_Jungle CO_IceBase
CO_MissileSilo CO_TrailerPark CO_Junkyard
CO_StoreFront CO_StoreBack CO_Emergency Room
CO_Hospital BT_City Street Small BT_Office Building
BT_Alaska Depot BT_Pagoda BT_Chop Shop
BT_Hidden Camp City Street Large Kill House Double
Killhouse 2 Story Met Oil Tanker
Desal Plant Ruined City 747
Chalet Fall TV Station Docks
Nuclear Storage Facility Chalet Winter Spa Winter
Spa Spring Siberian Base 1 Siberian Base 2
Opera House Train Yard Castle
Nuclear Power Plant nsky_Faster nsky_Mayors House
nsky_Snipers Paradise nsky_Tomb nsky_Forgotten Base
XCG_Bio Corp XCG_Cobalt XCG_Compound
XCG_Mausoleum XCG_MillYard XCG_Railroad Depot
XCG_Red Monsoon XCG_Stronghold XCG_Shadow
XCG_Dusk XCG_Korean Market XCG_PSINet
XCG_Stadium XCG_Doosan Tower XCG_Tunnels
XCG_Bern Bank XCG_Bunker Hill XCG_Camp
XCG_Casino XCG_Colosseum XCG_CQC
XCG_Cul de Sac XCG_FMJ XCG_Hideout
XCG_Griffon XCG_Military Camp XCG_Neighborhood
XCG_Paintball2 XCG_POW XCG_Retreat
XCG_Saloon XCG_Shop XCG_Training Facility
XCG_Trojan Arena XCG_Truck Depot Chemical Compound
Hotel and Crashed Bus Storage Depot Graveyard
Old Train Tracks Snow Base Subway Station
Training Maze Underwater Habitat Canals of Venice
Warehouse District EW_BigBen EW_Capitol
EW_Forbidden City EW_Taj Mahal R6_Turkish Bazaar
R6_Amazon R6_Athletes Village R6_Bio Lab
R6_OilRig R6_Dam R6_Hangar
R6_Bio Dome R6_Congo R6_Embassy
R6_Estate R6_Hacienda R6_Mint
R6_Road Ambush R6_Ship R6_Skyscraper
R6_Space Shuttle R6_Water Ride TRG_Assault
TRG_Bank TRG_Battlefield TRG_Bridge
TRG_Bunker2 TRG_Campus TRG_Cave
TRG_Children Center TRG_CityBlocks TRG_CL3
TRG_CloseCombat TRG_Combat TRG_Ammunition Depot
TRG_dedust TRG_Demo Field TRG_Dockslarge
TRG_DragonHouse TRG_Lurking Jackle TRG_Factory
TRG_GhostTown TRG_Hospital TRG_Japan
TRG_Loading Docks TRG_Lodge TRG_Market
TRG_Maya Ruin TRG_Maze TRG_Monastery
TRG_OceanView TRG_Outpost TRG_ResidentEvil Mansion
TRG_Store TRG_Trainer TRG_Valley Forge
TRG_Village LC_BootCamp LC_Canyon
LC_Cityhall Lite LC_College LC_Deserted City
LC_Guerilla Training LC_Hallway LC_Insdong
LC_Iraqi LC_Jailbreak LC_Lobby
LC_Mall LC_Military Operations LC_Mountain Base
LC_Nam LC_Paintball LC_Pit
LC_Playhouse LC_Prison LC_RRR_Limited
LC_Ruined House LC_Silent Streets LC_Small Mall
LC_Suburban Area LC_Villa LC_Watcher Woods