Rogue Spear Downloads

RS Windows 10 FIXA windows 10 FIX (Creator: DaVirus). Follow the "README" to the point. Download
RSB ConverterThis is for armpatch files as if you want to convert pictures to RSB for arm patch. Download
RS Registry FixThis is for window 7 / Vista, that who has Voobly issues of "Can't find rogue spear issue" this is the fix for that. Download
RS ReticulesThere are a variety of Rets in this file, unzip it and select one you want, then put it in rogue spear/data/kit folder. Download
Shake FixRogue Spear Original Shake FixDownload
Windows 7 Mouse FixMakes ret more stable on Windows 7Download
XCG Map PackAdditional map pack for laddering on RSL, contains new XCG maps and this is required for ladder play.Download
SpearstatsThis is Spearstats files, for statsDownload
Vista/w7 Fix This is a eax.dll to fix the issue for vista / window 7. put this in rogue spear's folder. Download
RS Hostlist FixThis will fix the host map list after installing the XCG maps so that all maps show up for multiplayer hosting. Destination folder - Rogue Spear.exe location Download
BunkersFor those who don't have bunkers or have issues.. here is the bunkers map.. extract folder and copy both Mission and Map folder to Rogue Spear / DATA then overwrite. :) Download
Map Fix v1This is TRG_Ghosttown and NPP fix. Extract this folder and copy 2 file, xRG_NPP_MUL.mis and xRG_Ghosttown_mul.mis then paste in Rogue Spear / DATA / MISSION Folder. if you still need a help, ask me! Download
Anti E-KitThis prevents people from crashing your server with Ekit.Download
ATI Fix InstallerThis is a Rogue Spear ATI FIX for people with w7/vista. Download
Microsoft .NET Framework 4This is requried for Rogue Spear Gaming stats and screenshots program, if you receive an error during install about .Net framework, install this.Download
RS 2.05 PatchRogue Spear 2.05 Patch for those with their original CD Download
RS All in One Map PackThis is a All Map pack in one which includes UO, BT , CO , EW , R6, TRG, LC, XCG and NSKY. This is required for ladder play.Download
Rogue Spear Game (Installer)This is Rogue Spear Game with installer made by Aphex. Contains everything needed to play the game.Download
Rogue Spear Gaming Stats and ScreenshotsThis program will allow you to record stats and screenshots from Rogue Spear and will upload to Rogue Spear Gaming Ladder. Will track match stats and individual stats, as well as indivudal player screenshots.Download