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Try for a quick cure of your boredom (if you like golf).


pence, stop glitching. 3 times in 1 match is doing too much. next time you getting locked, if that even means anything to you. "you forgot to put on sa jammer and sa hbs" - everyone "dont need to, hbs and sa hbs are the same exact thing" - tc -argues....cougar leaves...match ends...ggs killing the game


Its a cotton pickin shame what RS has come to now a days everyone thinks they can do what they want on here well all that is coming to an end from now on!!! All Forfeited maps will be allowed to be picked again seeing as the map was never played so think twice before you decide to forfeit a map!!! All Maps that have been actually played will not be allowed to repeat... All Matches must be reported atleast 5 mins after match is done and All matches Must be confirmed at least 5mins after instead of having people just holding off till that one team gets rank so will just wait and see what happens after this rematch..... If these rules are not being followed I don't care who you are I don't care if you play or not You'll be locked and banned from voobly by my friend and confidant +Vigilant for 48hours (if you're idiots that means 2 days) So if you want to keep rs going please don't test to see if I'm serious !! Also all matches that need to be reported must have ss of rules mp and final score no admin will report a match other wise unless of course you are dealing with Mind!! *Updated these rules into the actual rules page 06/04/2017

RSL Top 8

RSL Top 8 Tournament Cup

Tournaments are scheduled for every Monday at 10:30 PM EST
Check-ins start at 9:30 PM EST. Please check your team in within the grace period to be qualified to play.

Top 8 Tourney Rules and Maps

Rules and Maps Again 3v3 4v4 Only Unless agreed upon by both teams and Host will be, Higher Rank 1st and 3rd lower rank 2nd and 4th map. This week will be all RS maps so we will have some doubles from the past two weeks somebody put in a special request for rs only maps (Only the 4th and 5th maps will be maps that aren't RS) Round1: Khd, CSL,Ruined City ( bunkers,K2S).......................... Round2: The Met,Chalet Fall,Desal Plant (sib base,oil tanker)................... Round3: TRG_NPP, Docks,spa winter (747, castle)........ Team that isn't hosting obviously gets to pick the color .... Oh and please report any problems with anth any bgz from him just come and tell vigilant or myself and we will move you forward and DON'T FORGET TOURNEY MARCH 16th at 9:30 for Premium Accounts

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